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We are committed to independent oversight of our business through dynamic and rigorous governance structures and procedures. Our independent Board of Directors meets frequently and consists of a majority of independent directors. We have a diverse group of capable, active and qualified directors who serve on our board and all committees.

Our independent directors are a diverse group, with our independent Audit and Compensation Committees consisting of 25% women and 25% persons of color. By cultivating a dynamic mix of people and ideas, we enrich the performance of our business, the experience of our increasingly diverse employee base, and the condition of our communities. Our directors are available here.

The following are some of the policy initiatives and governance structures in place at Newmark.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Our corporate values and strong policies and procedures regarding ethics, conflicts of interests, related party transactions and similar matters are contained in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code of Ethics”). This commitment applies to members of our Board of Directors, Executive Officers, other officers and our other covered employees globally. The Code is circulated in local languages and training and certifications are conducted annually for all employees. The Code of Ethics is available here.

Specific guidance on the following important matters is contained in the Code:

  • Cyber-Security Risks and Incidents
  • Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Civic, Charitable, and Political Activities

Whistleblower Policy

We have a policy regarding reporting of complaints about accounting, internal controls, employment and labor practices, auditing matters, or questionable financial practices. The policy is designed to provide a channel of communication for employees and others who have concerns about our conduct or any of our directors or employees. Complaints are treated seriously and handled expeditiously. Complaints that are accounting or financial in nature (“Accounting Complaints”) will be handled by the Company’s Audit Committee.

Employees submitting an Accounting Complaint need not provide their names or other personal information and reasonable efforts will be used to conduct the investigation that follows from such Complaint from an employee in a manner that protects the confidentiality and anonymity of the employees submitting the Complaint.

Employees are reminded of the Whistleblower Policy at least annually. We honor a culture of investigation, confidentiality and non-retaliation. The Whistleblower Policy is available here.

Independent Audit Committee

The Audit Committee consists solely of independent directors. It selects our independent registered public accounting firm, consults with our Auditors and with management with regard to the adequacy of our financial reporting, internal control over financial reporting and the audit process and considers any permitted non-audit services to be performed by our Auditors. The Committee also approves all related party transactions, oversees the management of our enterprise risk management program, oversees compliance with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and administers our whistleblower policy, including the establishment of procedures with respect to the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints received by us regarding accounting, internal controls and auditing matters, and the anonymous submission by employees of complaints involving questionable accounting or auditing matters. Our Audit Committee Charter is available here.

Independent Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee consists solely of independent directors. The Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all compensation arrangements for our executive officers and for administering our equity, partnership and incentive plans. Our Compensation Committee Charter is available here.