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Private Equity Services

Progress in Due Diligence

Newmark Knight Frank is a leader in the operations facilities and real estate consulting industry. We help forward-thinking business leaders drive results through quality, intelligent and reliable due diligence, strategy development and implementation.

Strategic Services

Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Knowledge gathering and analysis of occupancy costs, space usage, operation costs and financial risks.
  • Comprehensive Facilities Due Diligence: Complete financial analysis, operations audit, document review, workspace allocations study and risk profile.
  • Acquisition Target Synopsis: A swift, tactical inspection and cost analysis of a target's facilities and operations.

Acquisition Target Integration

  • Analysis of the targets real estate portfolio in the context of an integration with our clients portfolio or as with platform acquisition, an integration of multiple entities. Integration strategy including Real Estate and HR Impact.
  • Real Estate Portfolio Master Planning: An internal process of measurement and control focused on the effective alignment of the organization's physical envelope with its core objectives.

Internal and External Benchmarking

  • Cost analysis and reduction through comparing current operating costs, cost of goods, occupancy costs and returns on assets against those of similar organizations within similar markets.
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization: Analysis of current logistics capabilities and reduction of logistics costs. 

Workspace Analysis and Optimization

  • The measurement and increased efficiency that an organization's work flow receives from their physical envelope.
  • Project/Transaction Management: Full implementation of optimization strategies including Real Estate transaction management, construction management and project/program management.

The Four C'S: Customers, Competitors, Capacity and Cost

Newmark Knight Frank's due diligence and strategic modeling services address each "C," thereby helping private equity clients make well-informed operations and facilities-related decisions to optimize their post-acquisition business model.

Customers: Our team analyzes current levels of output (goods or services) by facility and/or business unit. This analysis can be a "snapshot" of a particular time or involve historical trends and forecasts. Our strategic modeling will incorporate anticipated changes in the customer base. Based on demand forecasts provided to us by our clients, we can create proactive operational strategies and projected cost analysis.

Capacity: We analyze the target's output capacity as it is limited by the target's facilities and supply chain. We also model scenarios where the target's capacity is not increased and identify potential opportunities to optimize the target's operations. All optimization models include ROI calculations.

Competitors: Our diverse client base allows us to assemble operational benchmarks including occupancy costs, conventional and third party logistics costs, lease costs, inventory levels, and time to market. The information we provide helps private equity firms understand opportunities for post-acquisition optimization.

Costs: Our ability to model increased operational output based on potential growth strategies makes cash flow projections more accurate. If the post-acquisition strategy calls for a operational change, such as bifurcation or consolidation, our operational models are useful for the same reason.