It's All About Retail. 

We act as a seamless extension of our clients' corporate real estate departments.

Newmark Knight Frank's Retail Occupier Services group partners with retailers by supporting or entirely outsourcing the critical functions of a retail real estate department. Led by former retailers and managers, our teams strives to first understand each client's culture, values and goals, and then work to implement comprehensive, innovative portfolio and process solutions. Our platform offers immediate scalability against portfolio initiatives, delivering the resources you need to access local market knowledge, increase speed to market, enhance project coverage and ensure timely responsiveness.

Supported by real estate experts in more than 100 offices across the country, Retail Occupier Services is equipped to deploy as many professionals as prudent or necessary. Whereas a retailer's internal real estate department might engage two professionals, Newmark Knight Frank can assign multiple professionals with the right mix of knowledge, each contributing experience and specific skills that provide unparalleled expertise and service quality toward that two-person workload, whether it be for lease renegotiations and renewals, disposition programs, store renovation or reinvestment projects, or other initiatives.

Retail Occupier Services has five core capabilities. Click on each of our services below for more information:

Strategic Consulting Transaction and Asset Management Project Management Lease Administration Facilities Maintenance

Integrated IT/GIS Tracking and Management Platform

Strategic Consulting

As former retailers ourselves, we ask the right operational questions to drive strategy:

  • What does your customer proposition tell us about your prototypical real estate?
  • What do your customers tell us about your markets, trade areas and individual store volumes?
  • Which leases should be renewed, why and for how much?
  • How do your lease renewals interact with your store reinvestment, rebranding or maintenance initiatives?
  • Which stores in which markets should be closed, and what kinds of disposition programs make the most sense given other portfolio initiatives?
  • What returns in terms of rent reductions, landlord contributions and revenue projections are you likely to see on a market-by-market basis from lease renegotiation, store closure and relocation initiatives?

In addition to helping our clients formulate a sound real estate strategy, we implement and maintain robust, integrated IT and data management solutions for our clients. This includes customized point solutions that can be integrated into information dashboards and decision-making tools, giving client managers and decision makers real time, trustworthy and web-accessible data.

Though we are systems agnostic and work with all client preferred systems, we also have developed robust proprietary workflow, GIS and analytics tools that can be deployed for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to integrate portfolio data from Lease Administration with workflow tools and a robust GIS interface so that our clients can access their portfolio projects and assignments from every conceivable direction.

Transaction and Asset Management

"From supply chain to storefront" transaction management is not merely brokerage - in fact, it is not EVEN brokerage. It is business process management executed for clients by professionals with specific industry experience. Retail Occupier Services directors of real estate, real estate managers and asset managers create, direct and execute a portfolio management process into which brokerage is an important input, but is only one of many important inputs which have to be sourced, qualified, trained and managed.

Whether our clients are looking to explore a new market, improve the location of an existing store, "right size" their overall portfolio or restructure leasehold interests to improve the bottom line, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank's experienced professionals develop comprehensive, winning strategies to achieve their clients' real estate objectives across all disciplines, including:

  • New store transactions
  • Downsizing and relocation services
  • Surplus property disposition
  • Foreclosed portfolio management and disposition
  • Portfolio restructuring
  • Pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy consultation
  • Lease restructuring and renewals

We work seamlessly with our clients and their vendors through every phase of a transaction under a technology-based, integrated platform that ensures efficiency, measurability and accuracy. Newmark Knight Frank's Retail Occupier Services group has more than 100 dedicated professionals driving portfolio and program management for clients nationwide. In 2012, these professionals managed client teams that have executed thousands of transactions totaling nearly 45 million square feet for large multi-market corporate and retail real estate users.

Project Management

Utilizing state-of-the-art, value-centric practices in design and construction are additional ways that clients can optimize value and improve operating efficiency. Newmark Knight Frank understands development and tenant improvement projects and provides a full range of project management services. Smart, sound management following a systematic process ensures that projects progress on schedule and within initial cost criteria. Efficient project management protects budgets, limits business disruption and lost productivity, and drives savings.

Newmark Knight Frank's Project Management group, through a team that possess proven expertise in retail architecture/design, construction and development,   focuses on fully integrating four primary disciplines:

  • Planning
  • Design management
  • Project and construction management
  • Post-construction
Lease Administration

Maturing portfolios have driven retailers to search for cost savings within their existing leases as well as in new leases. Under the leadership of one of the most experienced teams in the business, Newmark Knight Frank provides fully outsourced lease administration solutions to its retail clients through dedicated lease administration teams. We manage more than 15,000 leases for our clients, from abstracting and library functions to full rent pay and desktop auditing of rents and additional charges.

Database products today are robust and reliable, and can be meaningfully integrated with other mission-critical systems in the enterprise. Regardless, the lease administration database will be as good as the work, knowledge and experience of the professionals managing it. More importantly, the true value of a great lease administration team is no longer just the accuracy of its data and the timeliness and value of its reporting (critical date management, etc.). Accuracy, timeliness and value of reporting should be assumed. Great lease administration teams understand disconnects and signs of trouble, potential discord with landlords, and most importantly, improper billings and/or expenditure and timely avoidance/ recapture of improper expense.

Facilities Maintenance

Newmark Knight Frank provides property management and facilities maintenance services for approximately 274 million square feet of properties across the U.S. For retailers, facilities maintenance is about two things:

  1. Efficient and appropriate response to reported issues
  2. Real time data management and reporting

Our solutions to address these important needs revolve around scripted response from 24/7 call centers, vendor management and vendor dispatch.

As retailers emerge from the difficulties of the last several years, renewed reinvestment initiatives should be coordinated with accurate lease information, facilities maintenance histories and obligations, and real time market and landlord knowledge. Our retail corporate services professionals know how to coordinate lease administration and facilities maintenance teams with field transaction teams, validating vendor costs, market conditions, rent comparables and landlord response in maintenance disputes. A retail real estate department that knows how to align all of its functions toward its shared goals will win in the marketplace.

For Further Information Contact

Branson Edwards
Executive Managing Director
Retail Occupier Services

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Executive Managing Director
Retail Occupier Services