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Spotlight on Sabey Data Centers - Part 1

Author: Kelly Morgan, Michael Levy
Source: 451 Research
Publication Date: December 6, 2012

We visited the emerald city of Seattle recently and had the chance to tour one of the many Sabey facilities there. The company has been busy over the past few months, and not just in its native Washington state. So we spoke with John Sabey, president, and John Ford, vice president, to get an update on the firm's projects and plans.

About Sabey

Sabey Data Centers is a subsidiary of Sabey Corporation, a privately held real estate and construction firm, based in Seattle, and dating back to the early 1970s. Sabey Corporation has built a wide range of commercial projects, including mixed use, retail, medical/life science, office, industrial, residential and government properties. The firm's interest in datacenters grew out of its extensive experience building mission-critical facilities for technology and biotech firms as well as for Boeing. Sabey built datacenters for ADP in the 1980s, and in the 1990s developed and constructed a number of projects for dotcoms, including Exodus Communications . When the dotcom bubble burst, Sabey decided to become a datacenter owner/operator itself, launching its own technology campuses south of Seattle in Tukwila.

Sabey has mainly focused on wholesale facilities, powered shell as well as turnkey wholesale space. However, the firm has at times provided retail colocation too. Customers include Internap, TMobile, VMware, Providence Health & Services, the New York Genome Center and BlackRock. Telx also recently announced that it will launch a 54,000-square-foot Cloud Connection Center on Sabey's Intergate.Seattle-East campus.