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Facilities Management

Mission Critical Facilities Management

Newmark Knight Frank is among the industry's leading experts in the facility management support of critical systems. We manage over 6 million square feet of mission-critical facilities enterprise users. Our client's reputations and bottom lines depend on zero unplanned downtime at these data centers and the fact that most of these firms are long-term Newmark Grubb Knight Frank data center clients, is a testament to our ability to meet this exacting standard. 

Our engineers thoroughly understand all technical, operational and support requirements of today's data centers. From operations to design input to construction management and commissioning support, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank has been integrally involved in all aspects of the data center environment. 

Risk Management

Newmark Knight Frank assumes that any mechanical or electrical work we do in a facility containing a data center has the potential to impact raised floor operations. Our experience shows that effective training and procedures are essential to maintain zero unplanned downtime in a mission-critical environment. Our protocol requires that:

  • We work with the client at the start of the assignment to ensure that their business and operational requirements are fully understood and reflected in any data center SLAs
  • Only trained, qualified, personnel are allowed to work in a critical environment
  • Written standard operating procedures are developed and enforced. Some of the required documents include Access Procedures, Mechanical Operating Procedures, Electrical Operating Procedures, Safety Plans, Work Plans and Change Control
  • Physical and operational changes are subject to a formal change control process
  • Procedures are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are current with industry and Newmark Knight Frank best practices
  • Client individuals with a documented need-to-know are advised of planned changes

Best Practices Sharing

Newmark Knight Frank's Engineering Forum includes representatives from all of our data center assignments. The Engineering Forum meets regularly to share best practices and hear presentations from outside experts or vendors, and as part of this forum, our data center experts share raised floor expertise and assist members in resolving data center challenges. 

Design and Predictive Maintenance for Data Centers

Our engineers have been very successful in the design and redesign of client raised floor facilities that have grown significantly from the original. They take into consideration processor, storage, peripheral equipment, cooling and humidification requirements. 

Our experience in the use of predictive maintenance equipment is well established and has saved our clients significantly. We employ technologies such as laser alignment, vibration analysis, oil analysis, infrared thermography and ultrasound in raised floor support systems. Newmark  Knight Frank has excellent technicians who continue to train and push the leading edge. They self-perform as well as manage these programs at our client sites. Engineering support is readily available to develop or assist in these programs. We translate this knowledge to our clients through:

  • Technical vitality - recruiting the best people
  • Training by experienced Newmark Knight Frank engineers
  • Presence of Newmark Knight Frank engineers on the Transition Team
  • Ongoing engineering support through corporate resources
  • Use of the Newmark Knight Frank intranet for exchange and dissemination of information, best practices, procedures, queries, discussion, and experience

Energy Conservation Management for Data Centers

In addition to reliability management, our engineers have been proactive in energy conservation management, lessening the burden of the necessary redundancies needed in the operation of a raised floor. Newmark Knight Frank engineers can conduct a complete energy audit in a new site and suggest improvements. If there is any capital expenditure needed for these improvements, we can usually get financial arrangements for self financing through energy savings. In the long-term, this allows the customer to reap the benefits of reduced energy without the burden of a capital outlay.

Computer Room Protocol Program

Our protocol includes:

  • Access Procedures
  • Work Plans
  • Safety Plans
  • Shutdowns

We consider that any mechanical or electrical work that we do in a facility containing a data center may have a potential impact on the raised floor operations. Our experience is that effective procedures and effective training in those procedures are essential to maintain zero unplanned downtime in a mission-critical environment.  Therefore, our protocol requires us to:

  • Inform all client individuals with a formalized need-to-know of the planned changes.
  • Assess the safety implications of any proposed work. Example at one data center: Preparation of a Site Incident Prevention Plan, which is signed by our on-site manager, for any new electrical or mechanical work