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Suburban Maryland Market Reports

Suburban Maryland Office Market

Average Asking Rent (Price/SF)     $27.40
Vacancy Rate (%)       16.2%
Net Absortion (SF)   155,031

The Suburban Maryland office market was strong in 2017, with 506,659 square feet of annual net absorption-the best showing in five years. The vacancy rate dropped 100 basis points from one year ago to 16.2%, while asking rental rates rose 2.3% from last year to $27.40/SF. Class A fundamentals were also strong during 2017, recording 567,389 square feet of absorption, as the market continued to show a preference for quality.

Washington Metropolitan Area Office Market

Average Asking Rent (Price/SF)        $38.12
Vacancy Rate (%)          16.1%
Net Absorption (SF)   1,074,580

The Washington metro area's economic growth moderated from 2016, whereas office market metrics outperformed 2016. For the 12 months ending in October, the region added 46,400 jobs, down slightly from 2016. This compares favorably to the metro's 20-year average growth of 44,200 jobs per annum. The Washington Leading and Coincident Indices have also started to moderate. This suggests that the current pace of growth will carry into the beginning of 2018, which would lend credence to the consensus of economists who predict that the next downturn will  occur in late 2018 or 2019.

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