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Scale of Disruption
The sharing economy’s effect on US Commercial real estate

This white paper addresses ways in which the sharing economy has disrupted the various commercial real estate asset classes. Key findings of the report include:

  • The sharing economy is reshaping U.S. demand patterns for services and has initiated a declining emphasis on ownership of cars and homes.
  • Of the major property sectors, office and hotels have been the most affected by the impact of the sharing economy; retail and multihousing have yet to see a large impact.
  • The office sector is considered “very disrupted,” scoring a three on the four-point scale developed for this analysis. With the rise of coworking companies like WeWork, we are beginning to see a shift in the way people prefer to work, with even some large corporations embracing the coworking model

The report assesses four major property types on a four-point scale measuring the extent to which each property type has been disrupted by the sharing economy. Each section concludes with action steps for owners and/or tenants of each property type.

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