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Each issue of Real Insight is designed to highlight a national trend that is shaping the U.S. commercial real estate industry. Each issue also features a market that exemplifies that trend, and implications for our clients, whether they are investors or tenants.

How Coworking is Shaping the Office Market
February 2018

Coworking firms are targeting large, corporate tenants by leasing space near those tenants’ existing locations. This piece examines the expanding universe of coworking facilities and implications for owners and tenants of office space.

Amenities Packages Drive Occupancy and Employee Retention While Capturing the "Third Space"
January 2018

Growth of the Millennial workforce is changing how office property owners approach building design. This issue analyzes the evolving nature of amenities and their value to owners and tenants.

Foreign Investment in U.S. Commercial Real Estate
December 2017

There has been a robust influx of foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate. This issue analyzes the sources of that international capital and a recent shift toward diversified holdings by foreign investors.

Growth of Professional and Business Services Jobs is Driving Demand for U.S. Office Space
November 2017

Job growth in office-using sectors is of particular importance to the commercial real estate industry, since these jobs drive the absorption of office space. This issue explores the implications of recent growth in those sectors of the economy.

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