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Professional Profiles

Corporate Management

Gural, Jeffrey R.

New York

Gosin, Barry M.

Chief Executive Officer
New York

Kuhn, James D.

New York

Ficarro, James

Chief Operating Officer
New York

Lewis, Alison

Chief Administrative Officer
New York

Sheinkop, SIOR, Michael

President, Brokerage Services

Rispoli, Michael

Chief Financial Officer
New York

Maletsky, Richard A.

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Falk, David A.

President New York Tri-State Region
New York

Waterman, Brian S.

Vice Chairman
New York

Seufferlein, Charles E.

President, Western Region
Santa Clara

Robinson, Craig

Chief Executive Officer, Global Corporate Services
New York

Bhatti, Raj

Chief Technology Officer
New York

Buddemeyer, Randy J.

President, Management Services

Busi, John D.

President, Valuation & Advisory
New York

Cañete, Romel C.

Executive Managing Director - Financial Services
New York

May, Greg

Executive Vice President, Regional Managing Director
Orange County

McCabe, Kevin

Executive Vice President, Regional Managing Director

Roberts, Mary

Director of Operations
New York

Welsh, Danielle

Head of Business Development Strategies
New York